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Membership - The Riverbank

Let's meet at The Riverbank - a gentle community where you deepen your own connection to the earth, your body, and your intuition in a supportive space with others on a liberatory journey. Come to the water's edge, step in to receive the cleansing and nourishment you need, and to release all that you don't. 

The membership includes access to all monthly events, and first access to retreats and workshops (retreats are not included in membership though members do receive a discount). Each month we'll focus on a particular theme and come together for different types of gatherings:

Replenishing the Heart Gathering

  • Ground, breathe, recenter, release what needs to go, refresh and renew

Contemplation Class

  • Contemplate messages from nature and what they have to say about your own body and life. Grounding, guided visualization, guided journaling

Reflection Session

  • A space to share your musings or have Q&A on the month's theme, to bring the tensions you're working with in your life and receive gentle witness and reflection from Sufia or the group, 

The Riverbank

Join our community for access to all monthly events (excluding retreats)

  • Community Membership

    Every month
    Membership includes access to monthly events (members get discounts to retreats which are separate)
    • Reflection Sessions
    • Contemplation Class
    • Replenishing the Heart

Plans renew monthly and can be changed in your member profile.

“This course was so sweet and special to me. It helped me find my footing and grounded me in my own truth. It was just what I needed. Thank you.”

Upcoming Events

No events at the moment

Let's meet at The Riverbank

Come as you are, with whatever is on your heart, and reconnect to the wisdom of your body and of the earth.

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