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Healing With Sufia

connecting to the beauty, magic, and mystery of the world around us as an embodiment of Freedom

Let's human well

Let's flirt with the flowers together.

Let's explore how intention and ritual make the mundane magical.

Let's play with life in ways that bring us back home to our bodies and our true nature.

Let's live into the fractal embodiment of internal liberation that is ultimately collective liberation.

Let's remember how we have access & choice within the systems of our own bodies, regardless of how the systems outside of them are operating.

Let's exchange in the marketplace by remembering that the most valuable currency is the currency of our attention.

Let's declare our love for the earth through the ritual of our daily lives. 

Practicing Pleasureful Presence

Internal liberation is collective liberation. When we live guided by our deep wisdom and intuition, we step into our power of choice and creativity, allowing for true and innovative responses to the world's challenges. Embodying freedom, response-ability and sovereignty, we live in alignment with nature.

Lovingly caring for your own ecosystem (your body) allows you to tend your local ecosystem (your intimate human and more-than-human relationships), which supports you in human-ing well within larger ecosystems (communities).

What becomes possible when we curate the conditions that truly support our intentions? What’s possible when we become responsible for the medicines that live within us and from that place intentionally co-create with life? 

Let's learn from plants and other earth beings about their medicines, and ask them to teach us about our own medicines. Through intuition development, communication with the unseen realms, attending to root causes and pleasureful embodiment, let's human well together.

Upcoming Events

  • Summer Solstice Retreat
    Summer Solstice Retreat
    Sun, Jun 23
    Practice Space
    Jun 23, 2024, 12:30 PM – 5:30 PM EDT
    Jun 23, 2024, 12:30 PM – 5:30 PM EDT
    Engaging the energy of Summer Solstice to tap into the wisdom of our bodies and inner worlds, in order to take Earth-honoring liberatory action in our lives.

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