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Ways to work with me

My work is rooted in the question of how to human well, and is explored through healing human supremacy, embodying our personal medicines, healing saviorism and cultivating true response-ability. Ultimately, I support people who care about the world to better care for themselves so that they can show up fully and authentically, in an earth-honoring, creative, joy-filled way. 


I support you in developing practices, perspectives, and permission to live from your intuition, to communicate with the unseen realms, to effectively embody your world-changing power, and cultivate the delicious life you're here to live.

I create containers that are attuned to bodies that have often not been honored in "healing" spaces - for instance, melanated bodies, queer and genderqueer bodies, fat bodies, disabled and ill bodies.

Learning to honor the wisdom of our bodies and our planet is a practice, one that can be delicious, effective, and expansive. Let's practice together.

Join our community

The Riverbank is an online (for now) community space for gentle contemplation, embodiment practice, and connecting with others on a liberatory journey. We gather around a particular theme each month to ground and recenter, explore messages from the earth, and collectively contemplate the theme.

Members also are the first to receive access to upcoming courses and retreats.

One-on-One Sessions
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I offer individual sessions that support you in connecting to, and embodying, your true nature.

Through these sessions, you deepen your connection to your internal guidance, and develop and actualize the support systems in your life that help you respond to life in an empowered, authentic way.

Space Curation & Retreats
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My favorite thing is to curate the conditions that truly nourish our intentions. I offer virtual and physical space curation in numerous ways, and am also open to your creative ideas! 

  • leading grounding/centering for gatherings

  • teaching about plants and herbal medicine, nervous system regulation, body awareness, attuning to nature’s cycles, returning to our true nature, the power of presence, developing daily practice, among other themes

  • guiding embodiment practices and somatic ritual for groups or individuals

  • facilitating earth-honoring mindfulness sessions

  • supporting intuition development, connection with inner wisdom, and relationship with plants and other earth beings 

  • guiding conversation about the connection between internal liberation and collective liberation

  • curating spaces of Beauty

  • dispensing the medicine of the relaxation response

  • on a limited basis - teas, tinctures, flower essences, and other plant based remedies for natural healing support


What other ideas do you have for us to create beauty together?

Upcoming Healing Retreat:

I will be hosting an in-person healing retreat this winter - a gentle space to tap into the wisdom of your body, be held in a loving exploration of plant medicine, and explore themes of freedom, embodiment, and apprenticing the earth. Express your interest to receive an invitation and details.

Courses & Workshops

Courses & Workshops

Plant Commune-ment

I offer learning containers that support your intuition development, connection with your inner wisdom, and relationship with plants and other earth beings. Combining my background in energy work, yoga, herbalism, community organizing, visual art, filmmaking, and being in love with the Earth, I nourish the fractal embodiment of liberation that is fundamentally collective liberation. Subscribe to stay updated on upcoming workshops.


Upcoming Plant Commune-ment course:

We’ll gather live online to introduce ourselves to a plant relative, develop and deepen relationship to learn more about their medicine, and engage in a self-reflection journey to learn about how that medicine lives within us. Learn what's possible for your body and life when you commune with a plant's medicine through movement, introspection, and reverence. Subscribe to receive dates and details for the course.

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