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Rituals & Remedies

One-on-One Support

Sweet Remedies offers connection to the beauty, magic, and mystery of the world as a path to healing and an act of liberation. Medicine maker Sufia Ikbal-Doucet creates and curates healing remedies and tools, drawing on plants, energy, ancestors, story, and the wisdom of the body.

I operate on the understanding that we are whole, divine beings that are on a journey of remembering our wholeness though there are socializations and systems that teach us otherwise. 

I curate wellness/healing toolkits and experiences that facilitate unlearning and releasing anything that gets in the way of us experiencing our own divinity/wholeness. These toolkits assist in unlearning and removing physical, mental, emotional, and energetic obstacles, while simultaneously assisting to build the ecosystems that facilitate fuller embodiment and expression of self, especially in relation to gender expansiveness and queerness. These Rituals & Remedies include exploration through individual consultation, personalized herbal remedies, and ongoing support.

Spaces for one-on-one support will be opening in 2023. Subscribe for updates!

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