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When people say keep politics out of spirituality, I wonder how they’re accounting for the interconnectedness of everything. My business owner self is my spiritual practice, my lover self is my spiritual practice, my politically aware self is my spiritual practice. The earth teaches us that everything is everything else, not only is everything connected, all of earth’s beings ARE each other. I am a human, which is a collection of many beings, some of which I call a gut micro biome - we are the same. A river is both the water rushing through, and the intertwined roots holding the soil in place along the banks, they are the same. The uniqueness of each being is precious and a miracle, AND, we are all in this together. How are we each living in a way that harmoniously supports life-affirming collaboration?


I wouldn’t dare shame, belittle, or coerce a tree to grow its roots in a certain way to hold the soil of the riverbank in place. I don’t dare to claim to know the mysterious workings of the divine plan, so it is not my job to decide for any other being how they contribute to the web of existence. Doing so is enacting dogma and control. Much of my healing journey has been about cultivating radical self responsibility and sovereignty. And that’s what I’m interested in nourishing more of in the world - radical self responsibility that is in service to Life. 

This both/and is what I have termed Paradox Capacity, and it’s a juicy way to play with my days. 

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