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Purple Flowers

Plant Commune-ment Course

An introspective plant medicine immersion

We’ll gather live online for six weeks to introduce ourselves to a plant relative, develop and deepen relationship to learn more about their medicine, and engage in a self-reflection journey to learn about how that medicine lives within us and our lives. We’ll explore the plant’s energetic and physiological personality through connecting to our own bodies, gentle movement, guided visualization, guided reflection practice, and herbal medicine making.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Do I need a particular spiritual or religious background?

No, this work is based on messages from nature, not a particular tradition. Energies that support this container are Earth, Sky, Fire, Water, Wind, Ether and our plant relatives - energies that can be witnessed and learned from by everyone because of their inherent interconnectedness with nature, and simply because of being a Being on this planet.

Do I need special equipment or tools for this course?

Access to the internet and a computer is all that is needed. You'll be able to access the course by opening the private link sent in your registron email. Access to a quiet, comfortable space and a journal dedicated to this course are highly recommended.


We'll be discussing and implementing many tools and practices, so you'll likely find you want to incorporate things like a yoga mat, candles, essential oils, or other comfort items, but none of these are required for participation.

Are there prerequisites or particular knowledge needed?

Nope, just a desire for this type of growth. A sense of curiosity and willingness to practice gentleness with yourself will be immensely helpful.

This work builds on itself and provides a fertile foundation for further study in herbalism, energy medicine, and other intuitive arts.

Course payment

Payment is made at time of registration and secures your spot in the course. If needed, reach out to Sufia to ask about payment plan or scholarship options.

In order to fund scholarships for those who need them, we're seeking sponsors in addition to folks contributing at the Supporter Rate.


Please reach out to Sufia if you or someone you know is interested in sponsoring course participants.

What are the course logistics?

- We'll meet online (live) every Wednesday starting Nov. 15 and ending Dec. 20, from 5:30-6:30pm ET.

- A meeting link will be sent in your registration email.

- The course costs $375 (the Supporter Rate of $430 helps to fund course scholarships).

Who is the course instructor?

Sufia Ikbal-Doucet (they/them) is the guide and instructor for this journey. Sufia has a background in energy work, yoga, herbalism, community organizing, visual art, filmmaking, and being in love with the Earth.


They weave these paths together in wondrous devotion of living an intentional life and pleasurably embodying their purpose. They are most filled with passion when facilitating others' connection to the Magic, Mystery, and Beauty around them. You can read more about Sufia here.


Join us for Plant Commune-ment

Learn what's possible for your body and life when you commune with a plant's medicine through movement, introspection, and reverence.

Have more questions?

Have questions that weren't answered above or want to learn more about if this course is in alignment for you? Send Sufia a message below!

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