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Prismatic Realm is

What we're doing and how

Some view the world through rose-tinted glasses, some through a jaded lens. Prismatic Realm offers another possibility - a nuanced, expansive, and interconnected perspective from which to interact with your/the (co-create?) world.

What it does

I developed the Prismatic Realm framework from years of living the exhausting and disorienting effect of ping-ponging between the extremes of over-functioning to burnout, of over-responsibility to numbing, of dogma to collapse.

Living from the perspective of the Prismatic Realm offers a nuanced and empowered avenue through which to interact with the world, to co-create realities of Love and Freedom in an earth-honoring, whole-hearted, body-consenting way. a framework and tools to navigate the painful and beautiful experience of this existence, in connection with earth and your wisest self.

Through this framework, I support you in finding medicines that help you remember who you truly are, to reclaim the currency of your attention, to take radical responsibility for your power to create, to tend your life as ritual, and to live in accordance with your sacred truth. Whatever you’re doing, that you’re doing it with your whole heart (broken open and stretched to new capacities of Love), with clarity about your why, with liberated energy, and with full surrender.


I help you to re-member and express who you truly are by

- uncovering root causes of your life challenges instead of only addressing symptoms

- unlearning the mentalities of both human supremacy and saviorism

- learning how to collaborate with plants, the elements, and other earth beings as a path to healing

- attuning to your truth, your needs, and your body - without over-functioning or spiritually bypassing

- engaging in Paradox Play as an antidote to dogma. (Paradox Play is a practical framework I created to tangibly increase your capacity to be with and embody nuance, to live in the both/and, to embrace what IS in order to create what wants to EMERGE [read more - link to blog post]

Through the avenues of

I engage the medicines of 

- Ritual

- Earth & body connection

- Nurturing intuition & imagination 

- Creativity

- cultivating Beauty

We do this through engaging in the tools and practices of ritual, connecting consciously to the earth and your body, by nurturing intuition and imagination, and through the artist’s mindset of creativity.

read more- link to services


The Love-based world that is being birthed is led by healers, artists, visionaries, sensitives, creatives, and way-finders who are remembering their power and role within the earth's family structure, and are ready to guide from a power-with versus power-over perspective.

I truly believe it is the ones who live at the borderlands, the margins, on the crossroads, inside the expansiveness of queerness and genderqueerness, who are best positioned to see through the veil of this crumbling fear-oriented world into the love-oriented world that is blossoming (prophetic sight). The ones who bridge any notions between "activist" and "healer" identities.

I love working with:

-creatives, liminal, and highly sensitive people

- earth-lovers who are desiring more in terms of “how” to build the daily life, daily practice, and devotional posture from which to engage their lives

- creators and leaders that are on a journey of being deeply self-aware, radically self-responsibly, leading from an open heart, understanding and playing their part in the whole, birthing creative solutions instead of only resisting old paradigms, and fully embodying their creative power

- people who understand that the way we do the thing IS the thing -> people who care about the world AND who care about themselves and want to nourish their care of themselves. people who have been doing the work to care for the world and are ready to better tend to their own experience

- queer and trans people who are working to honor their diasporic and indigenous medicines (QTBIPOC)

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