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What is it

Unlearn both human supremacy & saviorism. Develop reverent relationships with yourself + all that is around you. Embody your life force in a truly liberatory & world-changing way. Play in the

Prismatic Realm

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From being a filmmaker to sharing stories from the earth that help you understand and determine the story of your life, The weaving of the story of all i perceive around me

Stories, myths, whose myths

Myths/story/creating the form from a story, who’s myths

telling a new story, a new story in alignment with Truth, and then we build a new consensus story

reality consensus (current paradigms are just a reality consensus, an agreed upon myth)

myths/storytelling as powerful tools of creating society (the story of who we are, whichever we is speaking)

all about reverence and relationship

Whatever you’re doing, that you understand why you’re doing it, that you’re doing it with your whole heart (broken open and stretched to new capacities of Love), with clarity about your why, with liberated energy, and with full surrender/devotion.

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I help people remember themselves, through remembering and honoring their connection with earth beings. Specifically people who care about the world and who want to offer their gifts to the world, the beauty makers, the sensitives, who want to learn/practice better caring for themselves. 

I help people understand what they’re in devotion to/how they are truly using their energy, and realign with how they want to be using their energy/be in devotion to

I weave story of plants and earth and elements and the cycles of nature into deeply self-reflective, transformative, and re-centering/re-aligning experience … help you learn/see your true self by learning/seeing/honoring the earth beings

I work with/am artist bc we are visionsaries - the ones who can see what has not yet taken form. We pull (through our precious bodies) from the non-physical into the physical. It’s beyond clear that so much of what is currently in the physical is parasitic and death-cult, and it needs addressing. I’m here supporting the ones who have the psychic sight to create what hasn’t even been imagined yet, and to support us/them in caring for the precious vehicles that allow them to do this.

How - when we are in our clarity we can’t be manipulated (or our energy hijacked). by knowing ourselves, learning ourselves through learning/honoring our reflection in plants and earth beings 


A paradigm through which to practice and experience nuance and paradox play which is an antidote to dogma, to get out of the cycles/hampster wheel of dogma/collapse, over functioning/over responsiibkty and complete collapse/neglec/spiritula bypassing

Being connected to who you truly are/remembering who you truly are, and being in agency of how you use your creative life force


By unlarning both human supremacy and savioursim, while not abandoning yourself, your needs, your body.


I share how through frameworks I developed of prismatic realm and paradox play, through increasing our capacity to hold the pleasure and pain of existence 


By creating self reflective and  transformative containers. Storytelling. Myths. 

I weave story of plants and earth and elements and the cycles of nature into deeply self-reflective, transformative, and re-centering/re-aligning experience … help you learn/see your true self by learning/seeing/honoring the earth beings

What are the skill sets I’m offering/supporting people in developing through my containers? (Erah podcast episode 50). - keep grounded in these with any offering, I don’t have to teach (not responsible for them or their understanding), but just spark people into contemplation about their own interaction with these things 

  • paradox play

  • prismatic viewing

  • ultimately about expanding our capacity to be with the all and create Beauty from that place

  • Developing relationship with self to develop relationship with earth/plants, developing relationship with earth/plants to develop relationship with self

  • awareness and responsibility for why we are doing the thing we’re doing (and making sovereign choices about what is guiding those choices)

  • Reminder for always - I’m not here to convince anyone of anything, but I can help them find the tension of where they are out of their sovereignty, out of their power, have given over to external beliefs (doesn’t have to align with what I believe or am working on)


It’s the artists, the sensitives, those who care, the ones who live in the liminal, who are curious and open/seeking, the queers & genderqueers (as in, the ones living/thinking outside of the assigned paradigms). Who baseline already care about the world and are interested in refining their creative expression, in connection to/through the framework of earth connection.

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