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Prismatic Realm

Unlearn both human supremacy & saviorism. Develop reverent relationships with yourself + all that is around you. Embody your life force in a truly liberatory & world-changing way. Play in the

a state of being   |  the heart-opening engagement of life's pain, alongside wonder at the miracle of creation   |   the catalyst, the medicine, the arrival   |   surrendered transformation   |   powerfully pleasurable presence

I can help you
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your guide, witness, & catalyst

Sufia Ikbal-Doucet

Here's my story - unhealthy relationships, unhealthy body, unhealthy helping
I'm an artist who continues to reinvent my creative expression (film, herbalist etc), my mediums are...
my queerness was my first connection to nature and saved my life

My medicines: story, earth communication, fractals, creativity, connection, relationship
My experiences: queerness, chronic illness, living in the in-between (as a mixed, queer, gender-queer person), growing up under severe dogma
My modalities: herbalism, energy work, yoga, filmmaking/photography, visual art
meethi/mirchi: Aries & Pisces, etc
My languages: earth metaphors, sufism-animism, astrology/HD/GK, plants, energy

more about me - link to a blog post

I’m a filmmaker, I’m an herbalist, I’m a … but ultimately I’m a creative who knows how to shapeshift and reshape my reality and the expression of my life force into many…over and over… in ways that…

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Image by Noelle Rebekah

What is it

Through the framework of the Prismatic Realm Sufia...

"problem" it solves

what it makes possible

who it's for

supports you in cultivating... reclaim the currency of your attention, build structures in your life that

Image by Kenny Eliason

Events & Activations

"problem" the events solve

types of explorations in the events

spaces that catalyze you into remembering who you truly are, help examine how you’re using your creative energy, and (how to) make truth/values-aligned choices going forward, all within an earth-honoring framework.

check out the shop(link) for self-paced practices and tools

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Love Notes to the Beloved

musings on the miracle of creation, messages from the earth, praise for the unseen and more than human realms

Upcoming Events

  • Jun 23, 2024, 12:30 PM – 5:30 PM EDT
    Practice Space, 2200 Dominion St., Suite H, Durham, NC 27704, USA
    Engaging the energy of Summer Solstice to tap into the wisdom of our bodies and inner worlds, in order to take Earth-honoring liberatory action in our lives.
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