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Connection Sessions

More detail about the Connection Sessions

feel seen and heard, and explore new ways/options of seeing/interacting with the world

These intuitive guidance sessions involve attuning and attending to areas of challenge in your life. Together, we bring attention and intention to the tensions, unravel them to understand the veiled lessons and gifts, and strategize and implement practices and habits that allow you to more gracefully move through them.


This may include things like body awareness tracking, mindfulness practices, guided visualizations, exploring herbal medicine, guided art practices, communing with plant or elemental allies, energy work, or curated yoga practices.

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I offer a ritualized container that reminds you how every single thing that shows up in your life is an opportunity for healing and greater connection (to yourself, to the world, to the great mystery of life, and to your own role in creating the world we need).

I support you in: 

  • releasing all that prevents connection with your wholeness, supporting you in living a ritualized life, and accessing the fullest expression of self as your superpower.

  • creating ecosystems that remind you of your divine place within the layers of ecosystems around you (your own body, family structures, societal roles, life purpose, and the earth’s vision for you). 

  • tending your own relationship with nature and all beings (and how to get quiet enough to hear and understand this communication), and to access your ever-present internal guidance.

  • deepening your connection with your intuition, with the “invisible” world, and with cultivating and honoring the power of your imagination as a method of creating.


Work seasonally - season of sessions

- getting to the roots

- supportive witness

- offer catalysts/activations/inquiries/contemplations

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"Working with you was inspiring, enlightening, and easy. Learning new things can be stressful and you made it so comfortable."
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